Praise and Thanks be to the All-Powerful God

Praise and Thanks be to the All-Powerful God

The Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani

(Translation of a Persian poem)
Praise and thanks be to the Lord God;
It is because of Him that all existence found expression.
This universe is but a mirror of His countenance;
Each and every particle leads the way to Him.
In the mirror of the heavens and the earth,
His unique face is reflected in all its glory.
Each blade of grass is aware of His Being;
Each branch points the way to Him.
The light of the sun and the moon is but a reflection of
His light;
Every manifestation is subject to His decree.
Each brain is but a secret among His secrets;
Each step seeks the portals of His glory.
Every heart's desire is to relish the beauty of His
Even the one that is lost is really in search of His path.
He created the sun, the moon and the earth;
He displayed His creative might in millions of forms.
All these creations are but a register of His creativity;
In which are contained an infinite number of mysteries.
He placed this book of nature before our eyes;
To remind us of the path to righteousness.
So that you recognize the God Almighty
Who bears no resemblance to the world and all who
dwell in it.
So that it should be a criterion to judge the revelation
from the Beloved;
To enable you to recognize from among thousands, the
ones that are from the Friend.
So that all paths of imposture are blocked;
So that light and darkness can be told apart.
Then whatever the Lord God willed came to pass;
And His handiwork bore witness to His Word.
Idolators and all their pretence
Are pierced by the sharp arrows of these witnesses.
If you call someone else as Gracious God,
The heaven and the earth will spit in your face.
If you invent a son for Him Who is Unique,
All high and low will curse you.
This world is virtually proclaiming aloud:
That God is Unique, All-Sustaining, and without
He has nor father nor son nor wife;
He is Immutable since eternity.
If the rain of His grace were to slow down for a
All this creation and the universe would come to
Take a close look at the laws of nature,
So that you realize the greatness of the Lord of all the
[Dia-ul-Haqq, Ruhani Khaza'in, Vol. 9, pp. 251-252]

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