Lippo Set to Launch New Era in Satellite TV;

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Refl.: Barangkali dengan adanya satelite ini yang bisa mentransmisikan 400 channel TV, berarti banyak maksiat yang didatangkan dari angkasa biru, maka Depak dan MUIbeserta serdadu lapangannya FPI, MMI etc akan mesti banyak kerja lembur.

Faisal Maliki Baskoro | May 16, 201

The Lippo Group 
The Lippo Group's "Lippo Star" telecommunications satellite awaits its launch in French Guiana. --JG Photo

Heralding a new era in telecommunications, the Lippo Group is set to launch a satellite today that will connect the country's vast archipelago and much of Asia.

The Lippo Group is scheduled to launch its direct broadcast and telecommunication satellite, the Lippo Star, from Arianespace's Launch Complex No. 3 in Kourou, French Guiana, at 5 a.m. Western Indonesian time.

The satellite will bring information and television programs across 400 channels to millions of Indonesian homes.

Rezlan Ishar Jenie, the Indonesian ambassador to France, said on Tuesday that the satellite launch was an important event in information and telecommunications for Indonesia.

"With this satellite, our people in remote islands will have access to information," he said. "This is important because it will unite our country and enable people to connect with each other."

The improved connectivity, he said, will also help the government achieve its development goals. Rezlan said he appreciated the Lippo Group's participation in developing the technology sector, adding that he hoped the government would eventually have the capacity to build its own satellite.

"We should start slowly," he said. "First we need to form partnerships with other countries, and then maybe we can have the capacity to manage our own satellite."

The 4,530-kilogram satellite will be carried into orbit by a rocket. It has an operating lifespan of 15 years, and is being launched in cooperation with Japan's SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation and the Mitsui Group, a Japanese conglomerate.

The satellite's transponder will have the ability to relay direct-to-home broadcasts across Asia and Oceania, enabling the Lippo Group to broadcast more television programs to its customers.

The group sees the satellite as an opportunity to increase television subscribers. Media research company Media Partners Asia estimates that by 2020 there will be 318 million new television subscribers in Asia, with 5 percent in Indonesia.

The launch also reflects the Lippo Group's commitment to the 2005 World Summit on the Information Society, which outlined the importance of developing information and communications technology worldwide.

In respect to that summit, the Lippo Group has been developing information and communications technology in Indonesia through its cable infrastructure and broadband Internet network Wimax. It aims to do the same through its satellite television business.

Indonesia has launched 10 satellites since 1976. The first was the Palapa A1 satellite, launched by then-state-owned telecommunications company Perumtel from the Kennedy Space Center in the United States. Most recently, state-owned Indosat launched the Palapa D satellite in 2009. The lifespan of that satellite is 15 years.[]

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