Naruto 585 'Spoiler & Confirmed' Pics and Summaries

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Pics Translation

Pic 1

Then.. I continued to add those things to myself
That's why what I want is not a sermon from you but your abilities and the information you have
Itachi you were a ninja of Konoha and you were famous even among the members of the Uchiha Clan
You had the sharingan that awoke the mangekyou
You had several secrets that could stop this war
Itachi you had all those things
I will not allow you to oppose my edo tensei anymore
My pawns are part of my own power

pics 2
You overestimate me, in the end I only failed
No, even before the two of you the name of Uchiha looked strong
I envy that name after all
The name of the Uchiha just denotes your roots and the people you belong to
There is no meaning in you taking that name
No, there is a meaning

Another translation from Yagami1211

Kabuto absorbed The Sound 5 inside his body and can use freely any of their jutsu.
Trying to defend themselves with Susano'o, the brother are trapped and paralysed by Tayuya's sound Genjutsu.
Kabuto absorbed Orochimaru's body too. But I have a felling that he's the one who's going to be absorbed.
Sasuke and Itachi's teamwork enable them to escape the pinch.
Itachi starts using Izanami when Itachi divides into two.

Page 1

Kabuto : That's why I always looked up to him.
That's why I don't want your lecture, I want to know about you and I want your abilites.
You're a leaf ninja, you're a member of the Uchiha.
You managed to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan.
You want to stop the war, knowing the secrets you know.
You possessed huge jutsus and power.
You wouldn't be Itachi if you didn't had all these things
There's no one as fit as you to be in my Edo Tensei army.
My pawns are my own power.

Page 2

Itachi : You're overestimating me.
In reality I'm a failure.

Kabuto : No, even if in front of me, the "Uchiha" name is worthless ...
I envy that name.

Itachi : The name "Uchiha" show your roots and your people.
It would be meaningless for you to have it.

Kabuto : No, it would have a meaning.

Page 3 & 4

Kabuto : Only by absorbing Orochimaru-sama !
So, Sasuke-kun ? Do you remember this ?

Sasuke : This is ...

Itachi : Kabuto. You are NOT Orochimaru.
You can copy the one you admired, that's fine by me.
But stop pretending you're him.
It's not like you can him anyway.

Kabuto : To achieve great things, someone must first find someone he can copy.
Like you did in the past, Sasuke-kun.


Fugaku : Now become as good as your brother.

This is from the raw version in Japanese:

Kabuto goes on talking about his identity, that he is Orochimaru incarnate
Itachi denies this
Kabuto claims that what he is doing is not unlike what Sasuke has done, in trying to mimick Itachi
Goes on rambling about how Itachi has forged his own identity and how much he admires him
Itachi denies again
Itachi gives him a lecture on how false his ideas are
Kabuto disagrees and shows a pertruding Orochimaru face from his chest
Kabuto vs Itachi and Sasuke!
Kabuto uses sound based snake (natural?) genjutsu on the brothers
Itachi's Susanoo grasps Sasuke and hardens, cancels sound based genjutsu
Kabuto uses natural energy attack (?) to bypass Amaterasu wall (?)
Itachi splits himself into 2 using Izanami
One Itachi half fuses himself with Sasuke
The other Itachi half latches on to Kabuto
Kabuto thinks it's a clone
Kabuto: Ha! You think you can fool me?
Itachi turns into vapor and fuses into both Kabuto and Sasuke
Fusion complete!
Itachi-Sasuke: Sorry Sasuke, another time
Itachi-Kabuto shocked: What is this? Itachi's mind is in me?
Itachi-Kabuto: It's time to stop the war
Itachi's mangekyo sharingan appears in the eyes of both characters
Last panel shows Itachi possessing (?) both Kabuto and Sasuke
Itachi: It's done ...
Itachi-Sasuke and Itachi-Kabuto's eyes start to fade and turn black
This jutsu seems to be Izanami (trying to confirm), it sacrifices both the user's eyes, one each, to possess 2 different people using 2 ghosts (?). Effect is permanent, but the user gets destroyed in the process.

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